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For Berkeley Law Students

​ELQ is one of the most respected and widely-read environmental law journals in the country. We publish print issues four times a year, as well as shorter pieces through our online publication. This published work comes to us from legal scholars, practitioners, and law students and is focused on groundbreaking environmental and energy issues of all sorts. ELQ members help shape the direction of environmental law scholarship by reviewing, selecting, and editing articles for publication. New members contribute to this work by attending two cite-checking parties per semester and getting exposed to our publication process through weekly office hours. All students, including 1Ls, also have the opportunity to publish their own work in ELQ!

In addition to publishing widely-read environmental scholarship, ELQ provides a wonderful community for students. We spend time getting to know each other and bonding in weekly office hours, embark on bi-annual outdoor trips, celebrate each issue we publish with a giant bowl of chips and guacamole at Guac Fest, and are always finding new, virtual ways to connect with one another through Zoom game nights, trivia, and show and tell. 

This year, ELQ is celebrating our 50th anniversary. We are celebrating this milestone with a renewed commitment to building an even more inclusive and justice-oriented journal. Our members are always ready to help each other figure out which classes to take and jobs to apply for, learn more about different areas of environmental and energy law, and share the best local hiking spots or viewpoints to take in a nice sunset.

Please email elq@berkeley.edu to sign up, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to learn more.

Member Requirements

Each semester, each General Member must fulfill:

  • 10 office hours
  • 2 cite-checking parties
  • 1 program hour
  • 1 training hour

Each semester, each Senior Member must fulfill:

  • The General Member requirements
  • An additional 10 office hours OR write a blurb or book review

Each semester, each Associate Editor must fulfill:

  • 30 hours of substantive editing
  • 10 hours of substantive editing OR 10 office hours

Office Hours

Each member signs up for a 1-hour slot to come into the office each week. During that hour, members work on tasks assigned by Board members—source collection, cite-checking, blue-booking, etc. There is a Board member on duty in the office during business hours to answer any questions that come up.

Joining the Editorial Board

Each March we have elections for the upcoming year’s editorial board. The timing of the elections will be announced in early February. If you are interested in running for a particular position, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the current position holders to ask them what it entails.

Board Positions Open to Rising 2Ls:

  • Executive Editor
  • Publishing Editor
  • Development Director
  • Programs Director
  • Assistant Programs Director
  • Internet Editor
  • Ecology Law Currents Editor
  • Ecology Law Currents Assistant Editors

Positions Open to Rising 3Ls:

  • Editor In Chief
  • Managing Editor
  • Senior Articles Editor
  • Senior Executive Editor