For over 50 years, Ecology Law Quarterly has been a leading journal of environmental law. In the decades since ELQ was founded in 1971, we have evolved along with the field of environmental law, expanding our focus on environmental justice and on the intersections between traditional environmental issues and social concerns. Our student editors publish four editions each year, which include scholarship from academics, practitioners, and students on topics including endangered species, renewable energy, land use, and water.

ELQ is also committed to promoting inclusivity and respect in our journal community. Our student members care for one another and strive to foster a welcoming and supportive environment for Berkeley Law students. We share resources for student success: providing students with academic resources, mentorship opportunities, and information on environmental law courses and jobs.

Our community bonds beyond the halls of Berkeley Law, too. From trivia nights, local hikes, and park games to ski and rafting trips, garden volunteer days, and desert camping trips, there are myriad social opportunities for our members to enjoy!
Group photo of ELQ students


Member Requirements

Each semester, each General Member must fulfill:

  • 10 office hours
  • 2 cite-checking parties
  • 1 program hour
  • 1 training hour

Each semester, each Senior Member must fulfill:

  • The General Member requirements
  • An additional 10 office hours OR write a blurb or book review

Each semester, each Associate Editor must fulfill:

  • 30 hours of substantive editing
  • 10 hours of substantive editing OR 10 office hours

Office Hours

Each member signs up for a 1-hour slot to come into the office each week. During that hour, members work on tasks assigned by Board members—source collection, cite-checking, blue-booking, etc. There is a Board member on duty in the office during business hours to answer any questions that come up.

Joining the Editorial Board

Each March we have elections for the upcoming year’s editorial board. The timing of the elections will be announced in early February. If you are interested in running for a particular position, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the current position holders to ask them what it entails.

Board Positions Open to Rising 2Ls:

  • Executive Editor
  • Publishing Editor
  • Development Director
  • Programs Director
  • Assistant Programs Director
  • Media Director
  • Assistant Media Director
  • Ecology Law Currents Editor
  • Ecology Law Currents Assistant Editors
  • Environmental Justice Editor
  • Environmental Justice Organizer

Positions Open to Rising 3Ls:

  • Editor In Chief
  • Managing Editor
  • Senior Articles Editor
  • Senior Executive Editor

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