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Who we are

The production staff of ELQ is comprised of a diverse group of Berkeley Law students with one common objective – to publish the nation’s premier environmental law journal.

2021-22 Editorial Board

The editorial board serves as ELQ’s senior leadership, is responsible for selecting and editing articles (with the able assistance of our general members), managing the mechanics of publishing the journal, and organizing fundraising and social events. The board is elected each Spring by an all-member vote.

Alex Mesher


Ashley Donovan


Julia Whitehead

Managing Editor

Alex Tablan

Senior Articles Editor

Elias Garcia

Articles Editors

Katalina Hadfield

Articles Editors

Geraldine Burrola

Articles Editors

Leila Wisdom

Articles Editors

Cort Carlson

Articles Editors

Christina Libre

Articles Editors

Amanda Rudat

Senior Executive Editor

Gracen Evall

Executive Editors

David White

Executive Editors

Renee O’Connell

Executive Editors

Nicki Guivatchian

Executive Editors

Brandy Doyle

Executive Editors

Andrea White

Executive Editors

Jetta Cook

Senior Publishing Editor

Karen Chen

Publishing Editors

Griffin Williams

Publishing Editors

Jacob Gerrish

Books and Research Editor

Rianna Modi

Programs Director

Shelby Wayment

Assistant Programs Director

Brock Williams

Development and Symposium Director

Wilson Baker

Internet Editor

Ariana Abedifard

Ecology Law Currents Senior Editor

Annie Pinto

Ecology Law Currents Assistant Editors

Max Endicott

Ecology Law Currents Assistant Editors

Emma Lautanen

 Ecology Law Currents Publishing Editor

Alicia Arrington

Environmental Justice Editor

Andres Antuna

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director

Dalton Hammond

Associate Editor / Senior Member

Sam Sokolsky

Associate Editor / Senior Member

Tim Bott

Associate Editor / Senior Member

Sarae Snyder

Associate Editor / Senior Member

Oleg Kozel

Associate Editor / Senior Member

Josh Wilner

Associate Editor / Senior Member

Jim Su

Associate Editor / Senior Member

General Members

General members are the backbone of ELQ, and it is through their tireless efforts that ELQ is able to function as a lean, green, publishing machine. Members are involved in all stages of the publishing process, from initial article reading, source collection and cite checking, to final editing and proofreading. In addition, members are active participants in ELQ’s program work, fundraising efforts and event organization. All Berkeley Law students are welcome to join one of the largest and most active student organizations on campus.

Senior Members

Senior Members have a more active role in the journal, performing at least 20 office hours per semester or having their work published in ELQ.

Associate Editors

Associate Editors perform substantive editing for the journal, often working alongside the articles editors. They are an important part of ELQ, and are often called upon for freelance help when projects require more time than can be asked of a general member.