The production staff of ELQ is comprised of a diverse group of Berkeley Law students with one common objective – to publish the nation’s premier environmental law journal.

2023-24 Editorial Board

The editorial board serves as ELQ’s senior leadership, is responsible for selecting and editing articles (with the able assistance of our general members), managing the mechanics of publishing the journal, and organizing fundraising and social events. The board is elected each Spring by an all-member vote.

Becky Hunter

Grayson Peters

Evan Levy
Managing Editor

Eva Dorrough
Senior Articles Editor

Noah Lesko-Kanowitz
Senior Articles Editor

Cat Chervenak
Articles Editor

Adam David
Articles Editor

Logan Graham
Articles Editor

Liam Chun Hong Gunn
Articles Editor

John Murray
Articles Editor

Ellie Rubinstein
Articles Editor

Sarah O’Farrell
Articles Editor

Tanya Hanson
Senior Executive Editor

Scott Pease
Senior Executive Editor

Noor Alanizi
Executive Editor

Jordan Barton
Executive Editor

Megan Conner
Executive Editor

Heather DeMocker
Executive Editor

Ben Lester
Executive Editor

Andrew Schwartz
Executive Editor

Thomas Selden
Executive Editor

Amaya Ramsay-Malone
Senior Publishing Editor

Sara Cohen
Publishing Editor

Emma Lewis
Publishing Editor

Jack Malsin
Publishing Editor

Taiya Tkachuk
Publishing Editor

Jessie Reit
Books and Research Editor

Natalie Friedberg
Development and Symposium Director

Linda Gordon
Media Director

Quinn Ferrar
Assistant Media Director

Allison Pritchard
Senior Currents Editor

Daija Chambers
Currents Assistant Editor

Laura Forero
Currents Assistant Editor

Dana Dabbousi
Currents Publishing Editor

Grace Li
Environmental Justice Editor

Ami Shirriff
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director

Camryn Cezar
Programs Director

Angelina Paul
Assistant Programs Director

General Members

General members are the backbone of ELQ, and it is through their tireless efforts that ELQ is able to function as a lean, green, publishing machine. Members are involved in all stages of the publishing process, from initial article reading, source collection and cite checking, to final editing and proofreading. In addition, members are active participants in ELQ’s program work, fundraising efforts and event organization. All Berkeley Law students are welcome to join one of the largest and most active student organizations on campus.

Senior Members

Senior Members have a more active role in the journal, performing at least 20 office hours per semester or having their work published in ELQ.

Associate Editors

Associate Editors perform substantive editing for the journal, often working alongside the articles editors. They are an important part of ELQ, and are often called upon for freelance help when projects require more time than can be asked of a general member.

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