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FERC Relicensing and Its Continued Role in Improving Fish Passage at Pacific Northwest Dams

 Skylar Sumner* This post is part of the Environmental Law Review Syndicate (ELRS).  I. Introduction The history of the American west is inextricably intertwined with damming rivers.[1] Whether for navigation, irrigation, or hydroelectric power, nearly every American river has been dammed.[2] In fact, stretching back to the day the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence,

Repurposing Ecolabels: Consumer Pressure as a Tool to Abate Human Rights Violations in International Fisheries

Andrew Miller Andrew Miller is the 2017-2018 Senior Articles Editor for Ecology Law Quarterly. This post is part of the Environmental Law Review Syndicate (ELRS).  [ Click Here to Comment ] [ download PDF ] Introduction In March of 2015, the Associated Press (AP) published AP Investigation: Slaves May Have Caught the Fish You Bought.[1]

BioTransport: Moving Wildlife in Response to Climate Change

Stacy Shelton Stacy Shelton is a Staff Editor for Vermont Journal of Environmental Law. This post is part of the Environmental Law Review Syndicate. “If climate change continues unabated and as rapidly as a few models predict, saving at least some species will require solutions more radical than creating parks and shielding endangered species from

Feb 25, 2016

Is CITES Endangered?

Liz Rasheed Liz Rasheed is a 3L at New York University, where she is Submissions Editor for Environmental Law Journal. This post is part of the Environmental Law Review Syndicate. Introduction: What is Illicit Wildlife Trafficking? Illicit wildlife trafficking refers to “any environment-related crime that involves the illegal trade, smuggling, poaching, capture or collection of

Nov 24, 2015