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Smart Grids Need Smart Privacy Laws: Reconciling the California Consumer Privacy Act with Decentralized Electricity Models

August 18th 2020

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) grants strong privacy rights, including allowing a consumer to opt out of the sale of her information to third parties, and to request that a business delete her information from its records. At the same time, the electricity industry is transitioning towards a decentralized ...

The Importance of GIS in Emergency Management

ELQ Journal

November 27th 2016

Monika Holser Monika Holser is a 2L at UCLA School of Law. This post is part of the Environmental Law Review Syndicate (ELRS). GIS (geographic information system) is a computer system for “capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on the Earth’s surface.”[1]  It allows multiple layers of ...

Judging a Book by its Cover: The Tension between Evidentiary Gatekeeping and Compensatory Theories of Tort

ELQ Journal

November 19th 2016

 Julie Amadeo Julie Amadeo is 2016 J.D. graduate of New York University School of Law. This article has been adapted from a larger work for the purposes of the Environmental Law Review Syndicate (ELRS).              I.              Introduction Human minds are primed to jump to conclusions. ...

Damages from Pesticide Spray Drift under Trespass Law

ELQ Journal

March 21st 2014

Terence J. Centner* [ Click Here to Comment ][ download PDF ] Introduction In today’s world, millions of people lack access to sufficient quantities of food to meet recommended dietary needs.[1] As the world’s population grows, global demand only increases for food and fiber.[2] These shortages are occurring despite significant ...

California’s Precarious Path to Climate Change Mitigation

ELQ Journal

December 6th 2013

By Penni Takade* [ Click Here to Comment ][ download PDF ] California’s ambitious cap and trade program for greenhouse gases (GHG) began operations in 2013. The program is one of the centerpieces of the state’s climate mitigation plans. As with any major initiative, there are obstacles and weaknesses that can ...

Sulfuric Acid Mist: Regulating Uncertainties

ELQ Journal

December 7th 2012

Matthew Thurlow* [ Click Here to Comment ][ download PDF ] <<< See Update, January 2, 2013, below >>> Sulfuric acid mist, also known as H2SO4 or SO3,[1] is one of the least publicized air pollutants associated with emissions from coal-fired power plants. Long overshadowed by nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, ...

Seawater Desalination: Climate Change Adaptation Strategy or Contributor?

ELQ Journal

December 4th 2011

Angela Haren Kelley* [ Click Here to Comment ][ download PDF ] While droughts and water supply challenges have plagued California for decades, climate change will increase the strain on California’s water management system.[1] Seawater desalination—the process of removing salt and other minerals from seawater—is often hailed as the solution ...

BP’s Well Evaded Environmental Review: Categorical Exclusion Policy Remains Unchanged

ELQ Journal

November 3rd 2010

Jaclyn Lopez* [ Clck Here to Comment ][ download PDF ] Introduction Sea snot, tar balls, and designated oiled carcass holding locations are just a few of the many appalling and lingering consequences of the failure of BP’s Macondo well in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The ...

A Challenge for the Obama Team: Put Science and Federal Scientists to Better Use

ELQ Journal

January 22nd 2009

Holly Doremus * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] Introduction It’s no secret that the outgoing George W. Bush administration has been hostile to environmental interests. By all accounts the Obama administration will be different on that score (as on many others). Before it can concentrate on its ...

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