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Animals Too Ugly to Protect? The PACT Act Needs an Update

Camryn Cezar

April 27th 2023

This Article examines the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act. This Article argues that the definition of animal crushing should include the torture of low-value animals. Because the PACT Act presents a legitimate governmental interest in preventing animal cruelty, this interest could extend to low-value animals in other federal ...

Holey Cow: The Legal Exploitation of Cattle in the United States

Camryn Cezar

September 21st 2022

This paper aims to unearth patterns, successes, and shortcomings of the legal landscape for cattle in the United States. While U.S. law occasionally works to protect cattle against human exploitation, it is not enough. Instead, the United States’ legal approaches to cattle activity should strive to develop empathy and compassion ...

Enough Horsing Around

Computer Courage

March 3rd 2017

Joseph Godio Joseph Godio is the Senior Editor of Georgetown Environmental Law Review. This post is part of the Environmental Law Review Syndicate (ELRS). I. Introduction New York City is a city thought by many to be one of the most incredible, majestic, and beautiful cities in the world. Its prominence ...

Ethical Convergence and the Endangered Species Act

ELQ Journal

April 25th 2016

Caitlin Troyer Busch Caitlin Troyer Busch is a 2L at Stanford Law School. This post is part of the Environmental Law Review Syndicate. Introduction The Endangered Species Act (ESA) is both lauded and criticized as one of the most powerful environmental laws ever enacted. Proponents of the law praise it ...

A National Injustice: The Federal Government’s Systematic Removal and Eradication of an American Icon

ELQ Journal

February 17th 2011

Bruce Wagman[*] & Lisa McCurdy[**] [ Click Here to Comment ] [ download PDF ] Brutal captures and deaths of American wild horses are occurring on the range. This is not a fictional western gone bad but federal policy. The government tries to justify this cruelty with junk science and ...

Promoting the Urban Homestead: Reform of Local Land Use Laws to Allow Microlivestock on Residential Lots

ELQ Journal

September 9th 2010

Mary Wood, Jeremy Pyle, Naomi Rowden, & Katy Irwin* [ Click Here to Comment ] [ download PDF ] Introduction Over the past several decades, Americans have divorced themselves from the ages-old endeavor of growing and harvesting their own food. During this era, the food system has undergone a radical ...

Whale of an Opportunity: Coast Guard Study of Los Angeles/Long Beach Port Access Routes Holds Great Potential for Reducing Ship Strikes within Santa Barbara Channel

ELQ Journal

August 17th 2010

Brian P. Segee* [ Click Here to Comment ] [ download PDF ] Introduction As global whale populations slowly recover from historic hunting that brought numerous species to the brink of extinction, the increasing number of whales killed by collisions with ships threatens to slow or even reverse this recovery ...

Levine v. Vilsack: When “Likely” Actually Means “Definitely”

ELQ Journal

March 8th 2010

Bruce Wagman & Lisa McCurdy* [ Click Here to Comment! ] [ download PDF ] Sometimes procedural rulings allow courts to avoid important decisions that would otherwise make social and ethical declarations about the duality of American values with respect to animals. Stark evidence of that comes with the recent ...

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