2020-21 Editorial Board

Samantha Murray: Editors-in-Chief

Naomi Wheeler: Editors-in-Chief

Claire Christensen: Managing Editor

Chelsea Mitchell: Senior Articles Editor

Alex Mesher: Articles Editors

Betsy Marshall: Articles Editors

Danielle Elliot: Articles Editors

Isabel Cortes: Articles Editors

Nadia Senter: Articles Editors

Alexander Tablan: Articles Editors

Kelsey Peden: Senior Executive Editor

Amanda Rudat: Executive Editors

Carly Stiles: Executive Editors

Grace Koster: Executive Editors

Kaia Boonzaier: Executive Editors

Cort Carlson: Executive Editors

Naomi Spoelman: Executive Editors

Megan Raymond: Senior Publishing Editor

Ashley Donovan: Publishing Editors

Jetta Cook: Publishing Editors

Jacob Gerrish: Books and Research Editor

Robert Newell: Programs Director

Rianna Modi: Assistant Programs Director

Julia Whitehead: Development Director

Joya Manjur: Internet Editor

William Liang: Ecology Law Currents Senior Editor

Ariana Abedifard: Ecology Law Currents Assistant Editors

Reginaldo Valdez: Ecology Law Currents Assistant Editors

Madison Lane: Ecology Law Currents Publishing Editor

Phalen Kohlruss-Reuman: Environmental Justice Editor

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