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Ecology Law Currents is the online-only publication of Ecology Law Quarterly, one of the nation’s most respected and widely read environmental law journals. Currents features short-form commentary and analysis on timely environmental law and policy issues.

Avoiding Carbon Myopia: Three Considerations for Policy Makers Concerning Manmade Carbon Dioxide

Willie Soon* and David R. Legates** [ Click Here to Comment ][ download PDF ] Towards a Global Carbon Regulatory Trading Scheme In December 2009, lawmakers and representatives from around the world, along with scientists, numerous journalists, and various celebrities flew to Copenhagen, Denmark. For the most part, their goal was to promote a regulatory

Feb 28, 2010

Is It Really a Huge Mistake? Choosing Between Carbon Fees and Cap-and-Trade

A Commentary on “The Huge Mistake – Climate Change Solutions 2009” Juan Arturo Iluminado C. de Castro* [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] In the video, “The Huge Mistake – Climate Change Solutions 2009,”[1] Laurie Williams and Allan Zabel (two highly experienced attorneys from the Environmental Protection Agency) appeal to both emotion and

Dec 28, 2009

Harnessing the Potential of the Clean Water Act to Address Ocean Acidification

Miyoko Sakashita* [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] In the halls of Congress and at the climate conference in Copenhagen, the question of how we can agree to reduce greenhouse gas pollution looms large. Under the sea’s surface, the question is whether the carbon dioxide (CO2) reductions will come soon enough. Each day

Dec 05, 2009

Student Review of Selected Panels at the California State Bar’s 2009 Environmental Law Conference at Yosemite

    Jessica Intrator, Lala Wu, Holly Wagenet, Sarah Barker-Ball, Camille Pannu, & Emily Jeffers* [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] Weed in the Wild: Environmental Consequences of Marijuana Cultivation on Public LandsSpeaker: Chief Ranger Steve Shackelton, Yosemite National Park Yosemite Chief Ranger Steve Shackelton has a lot on his plate. Together with