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Ecology Law Currents is the online-only publication of Ecology Law Quarterly, one of the nation’s most respected and widely read environmental law journals. Currents features short-form commentary and analysis on timely environmental law and policy issues.

Global Warming Tort Litigation: The Real “Public Nuisance”

Theodore J. Boutrous, Jr. and Dominic Lanza * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] Climate change litigation is booming. The past five years have witnessed a proliferation of global warming lawsuits brought under an array of novel legal theories. This article focuses on the subset of global warming cases involving “public nuisance” claims.

Sep 15, 2008

Integrating Land Use and Transportation Policy in California: The Legislature's Response

Dave Jones * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] The Challenge Accelerated climate change is the preeminent environmental and economic issue of our time. Unless we change course now, it will be the preeminent issue for the next generations also. Recognizing the situation, the Legislature passed Assembly Bill 32, California Global Warming Solutions


William M. Chamberlain * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] Once again, Boalt Hall’s Ecology Law Quarterly is breaking new ground in the provision of timely and useful legal analysis on environmental topics. We are pleased to introduce Ecology Law Currents, an online journal that will provide the opportunity to see the views

Apr 11, 2008

Licensing the Rebirth of Nuclear Power: A Primer

Tyson Smith * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] Introduction In 2007, the nuclear industry took the first steps toward a second generation of nuclear construction in the United States. Starting with a partial application in July 2007 for a new unit in Maryland, and followed by complete applications for multiple new units

Apr 11, 2008