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Keynote Speech: Raven Lecture on Access to Justice

Aug 21, 2020

Dr. Mustafa Santiago Ali

Volume 46 (2019) - Issue 4

In many instances, we have some extremely intelligent scientists, attorneys, engineers—a whole bunch of folks. I have been really blessed to be surrounded by and work with those individuals. Sometimes we forget about the intelligence, the innovation, the ability for communities to not only engage in a process, but to lead a process. Sometimes we also forget about how important culture is in helping us to make change happen. You are seeing, every time you turn on the television, culture in motion. Our parents saw a culture making change in the environment, civil rights, and a number of other things. It is important that we utilize culture to begin our conversation, but then make sure that we anchor it in the expertise and the innovation. As I said, that exists inside of communities.