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Can California’s Water Problems Be Solved?

Peter H. Gleick * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] Introduction The title of the speech is from a presentation titled “Can California’s Water Problems Be Solved?” but, in retrospect, this rhetorical question seems a bit ridiculous.[1] Of course California’s water problems can be solved. The important questions to ask here are not

Sep 15, 2008

Integrating Land Use and Transportation Policy in California: The Legislature's Response

Dave Jones * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] The Challenge Accelerated climate change is the preeminent environmental and economic issue of our time. Unless we change course now, it will be the preeminent issue for the next generations also. Recognizing the situation, the Legislature passed Assembly Bill 32, California Global Warming Solutions

Greenhouse Gas Emissions under CEQA – Costs and Opportunities

Peter V. Allen * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] The recent enactment of SB 97[1] has codified the California Attorney General’s argument that increased greenhouse gas emissions and their effects constitute an environmental impact that must be considered by a permitting agency under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). This new measure