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A California Environmental Court to Adjudicate Climate Change

Climate change creates mitigation and adaptation needs across the country, especially in California, which faces flooding, erosion, fire, and extreme weather. To armor against the rising tide of climate change and its accompanying flood of litigation, California should create a specialized environmental court to adjudicate state climate issues. (read more)

Closing the Ocean Fracking Gap: EPA Leadership Is Needed to Regulate Aging Rigs and Evolving Risks Offshore

This Note explores how fracking has slipped through the cracks in a closely regulated industry. Examining the root of the problem, this Note outlines how we might design an administrative apparatus to address emerging environmental harms in the context of aging oil and gas infrastructure. (read more)

Protecting Species and Timber Communities from Extinction: A Case Study on Spotted Owls, Logging, and Cooperative Management in Western Lane County, Oregon

This Note uses western Lane County as a case study to diagnose sticking points in conservation under the ESA and prescribe characteristics of management strategies more likely to sustain both resource extraction-dependent communities and populations of listed specie (read more)

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The Externalities of Nuclear Power:First, Assume We Have a Can Opener . . .

ELQ Journal

April 11th 2008

Karl S. Coplan * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] Introduction The nuclear power industry has latched on to global warming as an argument for its renaissance. Although even industry proponents acknowledge that the problem of disposing of spent nuclear fuel remains unsolved, the industry routinely assumes this ...

Relative Risk: Global Warming and Imported Fossil Fuels vs. Nuclear Power

ELQ Journal

April 11th 2008

California State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] Understanding relative risk is at the heart of America’s current debate over a revival of nuclear power. “Nuclear power is dangerous,” say the critics. “Dangerous compared to what?” should be the reply. Commenting in early 2007, ...

Greenhouse Gas Emissions under CEQA – Costs and Opportunities

ELQ Journal

April 11th 2008

Peter V. Allen * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] The recent enactment of SB 97[1] has codified the California Attorney General’s argument that increased greenhouse gas emissions and their effects constitute an environmental impact that must be considered by a permitting agency under the California Environmental Quality ...

Would it be Unethical to Dump Radioactive Wastes in the Ocean? The Surprising Implications of the Person-Altering Consequences of Policies

ELQ Journal

April 11th 2008

Gregory Scott Crespi * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] Introduction Should we put all of our high-level radioactive wastes into ordinary steel barrels that have perhaps 200-year expected containment capabilities in salt water, and then dump them all into the depths of the Pacific Ocean and forget ...

Myths of the Nuclear Renaissance

ELQ Journal

April 11th 2008

Jim Harding * [ jump to end/comments ][ download PDF ] More than thirty years ago, my now-deceased colleague David Comey was asked to make a presentation before the annual meeting of the Atomic Industrial Forum, then the major trade association backing expansion of nuclear power worldwide.[1] He was asked ...

Submissions Guidelines

ELQ Journal

April 1st 2008

Ecology Law Currents welcomes submissions from academics, practitioners, policy makers, and students. Submissions should be on current environmental issues or cases. All submissions must be original, previously unpublished works and can be in the form of articles, essays, commentaries, or responses to articles published in ELQ. All pieces are searchable ...

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