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Volume 49 (2022) - Issue 4

Just Transition Symposium - Panel 4: Black Women Talk

This is the culminating panel of Ecology Law Quarterly's 2022 Annual Symposium entitled "Black Women Talk." The moderators were Candice Youngblood and Alicia Arrington. Speakers included Savonala “Savi” Horne and Kimberly Leefatt.

Sep 22, 2023
Alicia Arrington, Candice Youngblood, Kimberly Leefatt, and Savi Horne.

2022 Annual Symposium: Panel 3 - Green Economy

The third panel of the Annual Symposium was entitled "Green Economy." The moderator was Dan Farber and speakers included Renee Hatcher and Jose “JB” Tengco.

Sep 22, 2023
Dan Farber, Renee Hatcher, and Jose Tengco

2022 Annual Symposium: Panel 2 - Government Transition

The Second Panel of the Annual Symposium was entitled "Government Transition." The Moderator was Ted Lamm and speakers included Louise Bedsworth, Kate Gordon, and Alegría De La Cruz.

Sep 22, 2023
Ted Lamm, Louise Bedsworth, Kate Gordon, and Alegría De La Cruz.

2022 Annual Symposium: Panel 1 - California Carbon Offsets

The first panel of the 2022 Annual Symposium was entitled "California Carbon Offsets." The moderator was Colin Mickle, and speakers included Danny Cullenward and Neena Mohan.

Sep 22, 2023
Colin Mickle, Danny Cullenward, and Neena Mohan